Simple System, Powerful Insight

Lyte makes team feedback easy.

Ask a question, get a response, see results. It’s that simple.

Powerful Insight

Simple Content Management

Important Data

Fast Results

Instant Results

The problem with surveys is they take time and effort. Lyte solves that. Questions appear instantly in a user’s private feed, and they can give an answer in seconds with a click of a button. As soon as they are done, you can see the results.

Surveys don’t get faster than this.

Custom Questions

While Lyte comes stock with 10+ dimensions, and nearly 100 questions, that won’t hold you back. Dig deeper and explore trends by creating custom questions. Have something you’d like to know? Just create a quick question or survey and start getting responses from your team.

Detailed Results

Data is only helpful if you can make sense of it. That’s why Lyte includes easy to read results. From the administrative section, you can quickly view results from specific questions or from a campaign that you created.

Turn Key

Lyte is ready to go as soon as you add it to Slack. No need to add team members or create questions. Just make a quick channel for Lyte to post to and Lyte will do the rest.

Key Features


Schedule Questions

Schedule questions to go out to your team automatically on whatever day you want. Want to ask a question each Monday, with a follow-up on Friday? No problem, Lyte makes it easy.

See Trends

Trend your results overtime to see how things are changing. Look week to week, or day to day to see how your team is evolving.


Lyte Channel

Easily stay organized by creating a channel dedicated to Lyte. It can be your go-to spot to give team updates, review shout-outs, and post survey results. 


Team members can answer questions whenever they want – even if they aren’t prompted in advance. This lets your team give you their thoughts whenever it’s fresh in their mind.



All Lyte question responses are anonymous by default – so employees feel free to give honest and truly helpful feedback.


Pre-made questions

Lyte comes stock with 10+ organizational dimensions and 100 pre-made questions that give you accurate insights into your team. 

Want to learn more? Give it a try.