Insights to help your team stay happy and productive - directly from Slack.

Lyte helps you easily see how your team is doing on a regular basis. Stay connected to how happy they are, what’s going well, and what’s getting in their way – so you can remove obstacles to success.


The best part is it’s all done through Slack, making it super easy for you to ask questions and get responses.

How Lyte Works

Lyte is based on a simple idea: When individuals and teams are free from obstacles blocking their work, they are able to get more done, be more productive, and be happier at work.

However, work obstacles can be hard to spot. From unclear roles and inefficient meetings, to work overload and not understanding the mission, obstacles can come from almost anywhere.

That’s why we made Lyte. It lets you continuously scan for any issues – so you can remove them and prevent them from reoccurring.  

No obstacles = a happy and productive team.

Use The Lyte Process

Lyte provides an easy system to gather feedback from your team – so you can collect the right insights, exactly when you need to.

Daily Overview

Once a day, Lyte asks one question to help you see how your people are feeling. It will take your team under 30 seconds a day, and gives you valuable information on if your people are happy and engaged, or are struggling.

Weekly Detail

Once per week, employees answer 5 quick questions that help you understand specifically what is going well, or not so well, with your team. This gives you detailed information to help understand, and remove, any potential work blockages.

Suggestions and Feedback

To complete the loop, Lyte is open to collect feedback anytime of the day. Employees can enter a quick command to quickly give recommendations, submit ideas, or suggest changes to help your team grow and develop.

Customize Your Lyte Experience

Built on a simple, but powerful survey system, Lyte is customizable to your needs. Choose questions to ask from Lyte’s database of pre-made questions, or create your own questions to tell you exactly what you want to know.

From getting project status updates, to deciding where the team wants to go for lunch, Lyte can help.

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