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Getting Started – For Lyte Users

Answering Questions

Lyte allows you to answer questions anytime you want via Direct Message to Lytebot

To start answering our default set of questions, simply send `Go` in a Direct Message to the Lyte Bot.

To stop the questions, just press the Stop button

To skip a question, just press the Skip button.

Lyte Surveys

Lyte also lets your team administrator create questions and surveys to get your feedback on specific topics. For these surveys, you will see a notification on your team’s dedicated Lyte channel that asks if you want to answer some questions.

To start answering these questions, simply click “Yes” in the options below the prompt and watch for a Direct Message from Lytebot.

Quotes (just for fun)

Need a quick break? To view a random quote from Lytebot, type the following command either in a Direct Message to Lytebot, or in the channel Lyte has access to (if you post on a public channel, the quote will be seen by everyone who has access to that channel):



Remember – all questions asked to you by Lytebot in the Lytebot direct messages channel are private between you and Lytebot. Your individual responses are completely anonymous.

Getting Started – For Team Administrators and Team Owners

As an Administrator or Team Owner for Lyte, you are able to use Slack to view user results and prompt users for responses.

Please use the Slack commands below to get started:

Viewing Results:

To view the results of your Lyte surveys and questions, send the following in a Direct Message to the Lyte Bot.


Prompting Everyone to Answer Questions:

To prompt everyone to answer questions, send the following in a Direct Message to the Lyte Bot. Lytebot will then post to the dedicated Lyte channel, asking users if they have a few minutes to answer some questions.


Prompting a Specific User to Answer Questions:

To prompt a specific user to answer some questions, send the following in a Direct Message to the Lyte Bot.

The user will receive a direct message that says: “Hi There. Why don’t you answer some questions from the Lyte Bot? Just say ‘Go’ to start receiving questions.”

/prompt @username

View Participation Statistics: 

To view the number of questions each user has answered, send the following in a Direct Message to the Lyte Bot. You can also run this command from the Lyte Channel to share this information publicly.



Question and Survey Administration  

As an administrator, you are also able to manage team surveys and access Lyte’s administrative features. To manage these features, please visit:

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