Adding Lyte to Slack is easy

Just follow these steps

Step 1

Create a public Channel where Lyte can post messages in your Slack instance. This is where Lyte will send your team prompts to answers survey questions. You can call it whatever you’d like – lots of people call it “lytechannel

Step 2

Once you’ve added a channel for Lyte, click the button below to add Lyte to your Slack instance.

Add to Slack

Step 3

Slack will then ask what channel you would like Lyte to post to – select the Channel you just created for Lyte in Step 1.


Step 4

You’ll then get a welcome message from @Lytebot on Slack.

Step 5

That’s it! You can now start answering questions or setting up surveys with Lyte. Just follow the instructions in the welcome message or Click Here to get started.